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EPIC Weekend | COTK Students

To accomplish something EPIC is not something you can do alone but takes a gathering of people with a single purpose to complete a seemingly impossible goal. Doing the impossible is EPIC. Destination Epic is just that. Over a weekend Lake Area churches gather together as the church in God’s creation at Dry Creek Camp to worship Jesus, experience amazing breakout sessions, and enjoy community and fun games with others your age. We hope they will leave the weekend knowing Jesus personally for the first time or if they know Him to live fully devoted to being a follower of Jesus Christ.

Any student currently in 6th through 12th grade.

February 15-17, 2019

Dry Creek Camp

How Much?

It’s $65 and that includes lodging, food, travel, programming, and an “Epic” T-Shirt!

What to bring . . .

  • Sleeping Bag and/or Linens TWIN SIZE only (sheets)
  • Pillow, Blanket, Towels
  • Recreational clothing for team activities
  • Bible
  • Notepad
  • Pen or Pencil
  • Personal hygiene items
  • Flashlight
  • Insect Repellent
  • Sunglasses or hat
  • Watch to be on time
  • Clothes
  • Money for snack shack (approximately $60 in low denominations)
  • Clothes for recreation
  • Great Attitude and a desire to draw near to God

What NOT to bring . . .

We prefer to keep a distraction-free environment. Please check with your group leader for guidelines related to what you can and cannot bring in addition to these.

  • Spaghetti strap tops, halter tops, tube tops or tank tops
  • Tight clothing
  • Tobacco, drugs, alcohol or weapons of any kind.
  • Fireworks, paintball or air soft guns.
  • Water balloons
  • Clothing with questionable sayings, slogans, etc.
  • Clothing that promotes inappropriate things, remember this is a church event.
  • Skateboards, roller skates or roller blades

Weekend Schedule . . .


  • 7:15 pm – Orientation in worship center
  • 7:45 pm – Dinner
  • 9:00 pm – Worship Session 1
  • 11:15 pm – Late Night Activity


  • 8:00 am – Breakfast
  • 9:15 am – Worship Session 2 for Middle School
  • 9:15 am – Camp Activities for High School
  • 12:30 pm – Lunch
  • 1:30 pm – Breakout Session 1
  • 2:30 pm – Breakout Session 2
  • 6:00 pm – Dinner
  • 7:15 pm – Worship Session 3
  • 8:30 pm – Church Group Time
  • 10:00 pm – Late Night Activity


  • 8:00 am – Breakfast
  • 9:45 am – Worship Session 4
  • 11:00 am – Depart for Home church

Breakout Options . . .

Seniors Only (Breakout2 only) What’s next? Where do I go? What should I expect? In this session you will be able to explore some common myths, give you a chance to ask some great questions from some who have been where you are and also help you transition from kid to an adult. Things discussed is how to make new friends and your future college or career, how relationship rolls between you and your parents are changing and some things to avoid doing early on as a young adult.

8th Graders Only What’s next? Where do I go? What should I expect? In this session you will be able to explore some common myths about high school, give you a chance to ask some great questions from some who have been where you are and also help you transition from middle school to high school. Things discussed is how to make new friends and how to navigate high school and some things to avoid doing early on as a freshman.

Why is Evangelism so Scary/How to Share your Story Sharing your faith is a scary prospect. You can lose face and friends as a result of communicating this“narrow-minded”message of the Gospel, even when you do so in love. During this session we will look at five hurdles of evangelism: Fear, Ignorance, Arrogance, Apathy and Bad Theology.

How do I actually share the Gospel respectfully with people in a way that works? Come and learn Biblical ways to share the Gospel with friends, family and those of other faiths.

I have a book on Question base evangelism that i was taught at Seminary. It is a relational evangelism while subbing. I’d love to help or lead in one of these breakouts.

How to Study the Bible/Is the Bible True? Scripture has been scrutinized through out history. The assaults on the Bible seem to increase with the rise of the “newatheists” and viewpoint discrimination. Secularism is on the rise also, and the attack on the Bible is too. Let’s consider the defense of Scripture and learn how we know the Bible is true and trustworthy. It is hard to believe in the truth of God’s Word when we do not know how to study it.

Girl Talk (Girls Only) Understanding the culture’s view of porn and how to set up boundaries. Learning how emotional, fictional, graphic love stories and porn can sabotage your relationships and cripple your self-esteem. We will talk about why lust, porn and sex should not be gray areas in your dating life.

Guy Talk (Guys Only) Look at Biblical principles and practical strategies to live a life that is free from lust and porn. This will be an honest and hopeful look into one of the biggest issues young men face.

Anxiety, Depression and Suicide: Fact and Fiction Almost 1:4 students have been diagnosed or treated for a mental health condition in the last year. Among the top concerns are depression and anxiety. In the United States, suicide is the second leading cause of death among students. This session will focus on helping you and your friends cope with the stress and anxiety you face, know the symptoms of these disorders, understand when to seek treatment, look for triggers and offer tips on how to support friends and family members who are struggling.

Becoming a Leader Worth Following What does a leader look like? What are the non-negotiable traits that every leader must have? How do you develop as a leader in your faith and in your skills? God is looking for people to lead out in His Kingdom! Is that you? If so, let’s talk about what that means and how to get there.

Gospel Centered Dating In Pinewood Lodge Should we simply date just to date? Or does God have an actual purpose in mind for guy/girl relationships? Come explore God’s design for marriage and how living intentionally on the “dating” side of the marriage-altar dramatically affects the “married” side of the marriage altar. We will be looking at a paradigm-shift that points to living lives of honor by pursuing healthy emotional and physical boundaries.

Dealing with Parents This is a difficult circumstance that many Christians are facing. At times it may feel like you are alone in this struggle, but there are many Christians who have parents who are not believers. In this session we will explore how to balance showing our parents respect and love while also not allowing them to drag us down in their sin or cause us to sin in their unbelief.

Using your Gifts.(spiritual gifts) Wait? I thought salvation in Jesus was the only gift I received at salvation. Have you ever been asked what your spiritual gift is? It probably sounds more like a super hero power than anything real, but in this session we will explore each of the Biblical gifts found in scripture and give you a chance to find out yours. At the end you will be encouraged to go and use yours as part of God’s team.

Is Ministry My Calling? (Breakout2 only) Has God called you as a student to vocational ministry? Have you experienced a time when God was both personal and demanding enough to tell you He has a plan for your life? In this session we will explore ministries calling because the most miserable people on the planet are those called to ministry, but don’t answer and those who are in ministry who are not called. We will also give you some tips on how to get your feet wet in ministry and serving in your local church.

How Can I Make High School Musical A Ministry (Breakout1 only) So you have seen The Voice or American Idol so you think singing and playing an instrument is the best way to serve your local church, but you do not know your next step. In this session you will get to hear from the Epic Weekend worship team and learn some things from them and ask them good questions. The goal is to leave this session with some practical next steps and to be encouraged to pursue music as a volunteer in your local church.

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Later Event: March 30
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