Experience Life this Easter at one of our Four Services.

All of these services will be identical. Expect an amazing experience for your entire family. From the adults in our main worship service all the way down to our littlest ones in the nursery, our team is planning something special for each of you. We are so excited to have you join us this Easter!

The Service Times are:

Saturday Evening




Easter Background.jpg

Are You excited about Easter? Awesome! 

Here are some tools to help invite your friends and family with you to church this Easter. 

1. Go to our Facebook event and let everyone know that you are attending!  Take a moment to share which service you plan on going to and inviting your Facebook friends.  
2.  Right click and save this picture, or hold and save image on a mobile device and set it as YOUR Facebook banner!  
3. A Personal Invite.  When you visit church this Sunday grab a few of the invite cards that we made and take the time this week to hand them out to a few people that you know and simply ask, "wanna come to church with me this weekend?".  That question could change someone's life forever!

This is a GREAT tool to share your faith. 


4. Here is a digital invite card that you can download to your phone and text to people or share on social media.  


If you would like to learn more about our church simply click this link to visit our website.  We look forward to seeing you this Easter!